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Inclusion is a core philosophy for us. Honouring the diversity of the people we deal with is at the centre of what we do and how we do it. We welcome diversity of age, culture, ability, gender, religion and sexual orientation and seek to cultivate everyone’s sense of belonging on this basis.

Our approach to our stakeholders - team members, participants, clients, community – and every decision we make is guided by this active commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Team Members

We want to create a safe, healthy and productive workplace for our employees and associates, where everyone feels comfortable to be their whole selves.


We want to make sure our programs, services and support respond to the diverse and holistic needs of our participants.


We want to partner with progressive organisations and support their commitment to diversity and inclusion amidst change and transformation.


We work with like-minded associations and community initiatives to make a difference for everyone.

our D&I expertise

Our team of experienced and renowned D&I subject matter experts - who have expertise and accreditation in late career transition, gender, culture, indigenous, disability and mental health - guides content and delivery of our programs to ensure an inclusive and holistic approach.

gender equality

We advocate for and embed gender equality and pay equity principles in our programs, speaking engagements and community support.

Flexible Working

We walk the talk by embracing flexibility in the way we work with our clients, team members and our pool of coaches to ensure delivery excellence.

Mental Health

We regularly train our Transition Coaches and team members in Mental Health First Aid to assist with recognising when participants, colleagues, friends and family members may need assistance.

Parental Leave Transition

We support everyone before, during and after parental leave to meet the competing demands of family, career and wellbeing.

D&I Specialist

Alison Hernandez

  • Director of RiseSmart Australia, NZ & Singapore, a Randstad company.
  • Stevie Gold Award for Women in Business 2017 – Female Executive of the Year (Asia, Australia, NZ).
  • WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador since 2014.
  • Advisor NSW EEO Practitioners’ Association (NEEOPA).
  • BSc (Hons). MAHRI. MAICD. Certified Retirement Success and ReCareer Coach.
  • NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards Agenda Setter 2014.
  • Proud mother of a teenage daughter.

Flexible Working

At RiseSmart, working flexibly is part of our DNA. This is our way to make sure everyone gets to do their life’s best work – always.

An area crucial to our wellbeing and productivity is flexible working. How we can accommodate individual flexible work requirements in our ‘Working with RiseSmart’ value proposition remains a top priority. Whether it is choosing start and finish times, days of work, place of work, or mode of communication - the options and opportunities are endless, and we discuss them from the moment we meet you; not after you ‘prove yourself’ or the end of your probation period.

Gender Pay Equity

A topic close to our heart at RiseSmart is gender pay equity. At the current rate, the global pay gap will take 202 years to close (WEF source) so we are committed to make a difference with:

Team Members

We guarantee equal pay for equal or comparable work - regardless of gender - simple.


We provide the opportunity to attend a career resource workshop on 'Understanding gender pay equity' and ‘Negotiating the offer’ to equip everyone with strategies, tools and resources to raise awareness and close the gender pay gap.


To create sustainable change, we run national pay equity wisdom circles for clients to explore pay equity through the lens of the career life cycle, transformation and change.


As a proud WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, our National Director Alison Hernandez has signed the Pay Equity pledge and is committed to raising awareness of pay equity and driving change in the business community.


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