everyone needs a coach

A great career coach understands your employees’ personal and professional goals and can provide the professional guidance that leads individuals to take the next step in their career journeys sooner.

benefits of risesmart career transition coaches

Every transitioning employee is matched with a certified career coach based on industry knowledge and fit — not just on geography. Regardless of individual career goals, your transitioning employees will get the motivation, advice, and resources they need to quickly move into their next, best job.

greater accessibility

We keep your employees engaged and accountable through a mobile-friendly platform that allows them to contact their coaches anywhere at any time while checking job leads and managing job search progress. A 80% lower candidate-to-coach ratio provides transitioning employees with 3X more coaching time.


The longer between notification and outplacement services, the more likely impacted employees will spend their time on less positive pursuits – like posting comments on employer review sites. We’ve shortened the time to engagement to 24 hours to get impacted employees market ready faster.

customised coaching sessions

Individualised coaching sessions give employees the advice, motivation, and tools they need to pursue a new job in the same industry, seek a career change, become an entrepreneur, join the flexible workforce, or transition to creative retirement.

our unique approach to coaching

Our career coaches are carefully matched with transitioning employees based on industry knowledge and experience – regardless of geography. Engaging with a specialised career coach facilitates the individual’s ability to overcome career hurdles and helps to smooth the transition to a new job.

discover, plan, execute

Getting your employees back to work faster is a result of our time-tested coaching methodology, designed to create consistency while still allowing for a high-level of personalisation. We start with the most qualified career coaches in the industry and provide them with additional proprietary training. Armed with industry best practices, our coaches guide your employees to quickly discover their focus, create a job search plan, organise their search, and then stay on track as they execute that plan.

executive solutions

RiseSmart’s executive solutions are tailored to address the individual needs of senior management. Beginning with strategic support and guidance from an industry-leading executive career coach, executives are guided through a proprietary coaching methodology that includes discovery, planning, and execution of job search strategies that lead to the realisation of career goals. Our white glove treatment includes expertly written branding materials, critical industry and company research, assessments, and connections to executive search firms, recruiters, and relevant networking contacts.

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