Build an age-inclusive culture

Demographic change is the most significant social transformation of the 21st century according to the UN World Population Ageing Report. Workforce ageing, digitisation and the rise of contingent work challenge us to reimagine the experience of employees in late-career.

Engage people leaders

  • Leverage workforce data
  • Create awareness
  • Develop an age-management plan – identify risks, challenges and opportunities

Empower employees

  • Ignite communication with mature age employees
  • Provide support to embrace change
  • Unlock employees’ true potential

Facilitate SME’s knowledge transfer

  • Identify and engage long tenure, subject matter experts
  • Develop strategies for the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations

Champion late-career and age positivity

The new Employee Relationship Economy is on the rise. RiseSmart helps you navigate change, envisage the future and exchange knowledge. Join hundreds of diverse organisations who have partnered with RiseSmart since 2004 to attract, engage, retain or transition employees in late-career.

Build people leader capability

We support Executives, People Leaders and HR practitioners create a shared understanding of the risks, challenges and opportunities of workforce ageing.

Create future-ready employees

We support employees in late career to take ownership, explore work and retirement goals holistically and create a positive and productive future.

Facilitate SME’s knowledge transfer

We support progressive organisations to identify and engage SMEs and develop strategies for the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations.

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