why randstad risesmart training programs

Our workshops are designed by HR leadership and management experts and delivered to address a variety of workforce challenges, including career development and transition, redeployment, resiliency, and manager notification training.

prepare managers to deliver redundancy notifications

  • Ensure smoother workforce transformations
  • Reduce legal liability
  • Improve alumni sentiment

get impacted employees back to work faster

  • Reduce the emotional impact of a redundancy
  • Prepare impacted employees for job search
  • Show empathy and build confidence

build resiliency and accelerate careers

  • Increase retention
  • Improve engagement and productivity
  • Create a culture of employee satisfaction

smartsession workshops

job search

  • Applying for government and non-corporate roles
  • Building a powerful personal brand
  • Building resilience for career success
  • Creating a winning resume
  • Engaging with recruiters
  • Focusing on wellbeing in uncertain times
  • Growing your network
  • Identifying transferable skills (that rock)
  • Mastering the art of interviewing
  • Negotiating the offer
  • Starting your own business
  • Transitioning into your new role - first 90 days
  • Using the power of LinkedIn


  • Envisage your new beginning
  • Exchange 
  • Navigate change
  • Navigate your ageing workforce
  • Resiliency training for managers
  • Redeployment success
  • Manager notification training
  • Notification training - train the trainer

maximise the employee experience

Employees feel inspired and encouraged when they are able to take control of their own careers. Knowing how to plan for future career success, create a positive professional image, leverage networks, and employ the best practices for making career shifts allows your employees to discover their professional goals while taking the positive steps to realise them.

get transitioning employees back to work faster

Involuntary separations can be emotional and difficult. We SHIFT (Strategies to Help Integrate a Focused Transition) your employees from harboring negative emotions and sentiments to taking positive action focused at the next job opportunity.

build a dedicated team

Keep employees engaged and loyal to your brand through workshops that help them improve internal relationships and discover their unique career paths within your organisation. Retain talent by building the kind of loyalty people feel for organisations that give them a sense of purpose and meaning.

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unleash worklife possibilities for your organization and employees.

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