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Whether you’re an internal hiring manager, a talent acquisition pro or an HR professional trying to help transitioning employees find their next opportunity, Randstad RiseSmart’s talent connections ecosystem makes finding and pairing talent with the right opportunities fast, easy and accurate.

risesmart talent directory benefits

Talent directories offer forward-thinking companies an opportunity to both demonstrate care for their former employees and promote an employee-first culture that protects the brand.

  • accelerate job searches and provide visibility
  • promote company values
  • safeguard brand and reputation
  • reduce costs associated with reductions in force

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risesmart firstlook recruiter edition benefits

Quickly pare down a list of potential applicants with a targeted approach.

  • find highly qualified candidates with specific industry experience and skill sets
  • speed candidate search
  • discover candidates who are actively looking for the roles you have available

risesmart networking benefits

Promote connections that enhance internal mobility and external job search.  

  • encourage internal networking among employees to learn about skills and experiences required to transition into new roles
  • promote connections with peers and internal hiring managers to learn more about open roles or other opportunities within your organisation
  • improve the chances that outplacement participants will land new roles quickly

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