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We partner with companies across the globe as they flex, adapt, and transform their businesses. Our innovative approach to talent mobility moves talent into, through, and out of organisations to generate greater growth, increased productivity, and future profitability.

As organisations continually adapt to a pandemic affected world, they need the support of a trusted career transition provider. At the core of Randstad RiseSmart’s redeployment and outplacement methodology is individual, personalised coaching. What makes our approach unique is our revolutionary integrated technology platform. Whether employees are going through redeployment, outplacement, career development, reskilling or upskilling, we support them seamlessly.

We check-in for employee wellbeing and mental health. We surround each employee with a team of professionals to coach holistically, write resumes and provide branding support and find upskilling and job opportunities. We take an inclusive approach – and support each employee’s goal, whether it is a new job, a career change, a gig worker, retirement or starting their own business. The options are endless.

Our career transition solutions achieve extraordinary results because they are built to scale. Employees become visible – and RiseSmart’s proprietary technology matches them to job opportunities faster than anyone else.

  • Randstad RiseSmart participants achieve a new role or their desired program outcome 60% faster than the industry average.
  • 83% of Randstad RiseSmart participants land in equal or better-paying jobs

about randstad risesmart

We empower our customers to engage their employees, strengthen their brands, and become employers of choice through global, contemporary, and compassionate talent mobility solutions.

Randstad RiseSmart has an inclusive and open culture. Our people are trained in mental health first aid and champion diversity and inclusion.

true business partner

We create business partnership for life.

human centric

We deliver personalised support from a team of dedicated professionals.

We provide the human touch – our certified, highly experienced coaches focus on personalised, holistic coaching to guide employees.

innovative solutions

We make investments in innovations that matter.

We produce easy-to-understand employer reports to keep you up to speed with your employees’ progress, anytime and anywhere.

Randstad RiseSmart gets the job done – faster, easier and smarter.

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