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As your business partner, we give you all the support you’ll need at every level to meet the business goals associated with your workforce decisions. Backed by award-winning technology, your team of three professionals is in place and ready now.

account executive

  • Understands your unique business needs
  • Designs customised solutions
  • Helps you meet and exceed your business goals

account manager

  • Optimiaes your service delivery
  • Carefully onboards your teams
  • Ensures successful program implementation

strategic relationship manager

  • Tracks ongoing success
  • Provides answers and daily support
  • Delivery timely solutions to new challenges

benefits of a true business partnership

As your business partner, we provide proactive insights and best-practices advice that add value to your teams. Our innovative technology enables us to deliver not just data, but trends and insights that translate into recommendations for cost savings and higher ROI.

global yet local

Whether your teams are distributed throughout New Zealand. or globally, we have the local expertise to meet their needs. Be confident that our contemporary service and delivery model is consistent, no matter where your employees and business units reside.

seamless and efficient

We have the processes in place to deliver solutions to meet today’s workplace needs quickly and completely. We’re able to move at the speed of business today.

tailored solutions

We begin by understanding your business goals and customizing solutions that get results. You’ll have a clear line of site into performance towards your goals with customised reporting and analysis at your fingertips.

transparency and value

From planning through program implementation and beyond, our team of experts is there every step of the way with service delivery, reporting, and business reviews that will give you confidence in your investment with RiseSmart.

our unique approach

Our methodology, innovations, and investments are centered around the services and technologies that deliver results and a high ROI.

contemporary business model

  • Form a lifetime business partnership
  • Rely on global capabilities in + countries
  • Benefit from seamless, centralised account management and billing

blended approach

  • Get personalised support with 3:1 support for HR teams
  • Track and report program results effortlessly through an innovative high-tech platform
  • Improve employee sentiment with fast, professional services

better customer experience

  • Have confidence in our 98% customer retention rating
  • Get best practices and advice from the subject matter experts
  • Reduce workload as we assume the bulk of the work

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